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Up to 20-70% faster than other keyboards based on user tests.

  • SUPER-FAST & ERROR-FREE TYPING Large keys with a shape that matches your fingers eliminate typos and increases typing speed. Dynamic layout also learns the way you type and optimizes the keyboard for your needs over time.
  • FUN & INTELLIGENT GESTURES Swipe up to capitalize a letter. Swipe left to delete one or multiple characters; if you deleted too much, swipe right to restore. For special characters long press on the corresponding character.
  • SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE(S) Type in multiple languages at once without the need to switch. Choose up to five from 30+ languages and you’ll get access to all diacritics you need.
  • EASY TO LEARN WRIO Keyboard is simple. The layout is based on the common QWERTY keyboard and the gestures are easy and intuitive, and you’ll get noticeably faster quickly.
  • PERSONALIZED AUTO CORRECTION With WRIO you’ll get our unique personalized and language-independent auto correction that will quickly learn your slang and lingo. That way you can concentrate on your message and let WRIO handle the rest.
  • EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS Sometimes words are not enough: with 1000+ colorful emojis you can express exactly how you feel in any app.

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About Our story

Everyday we use our smartphones to send emails, type notes and write our loved ones. And everyday we struggle with frequent typos that make writing more than a short sentence really painful. On a snowy Sunday the founders Berny and David knew there had to be a better solution than the 140-year old typewriter keyboard that most smartphones are still using.
Our goal was to design a keyboard for super-fast and error-free typing. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way of designing a keyboard optimized for thumbs and smartphones until we found a solution (it’s easy as pie) where you just write it once, the WRIO Keyboard.

Kickstarter Community created

On October 8, 2015, we successfully completed our crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, raising 15,463 swiss francs from 836 awesome backers. This enables us to complete the app development and bring it to Google Play Store and Apple App Store in early 2016.

Our app is entirely based on user feedback; and we continue to invite all users to tell us their feedback and vote on ideas, so that we can make WRIO even better.

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Working togetherOur honorary backers

A big thank you to our more than 836 backers whose invaluable support made WRIO possible. And a special thank you to our honorary backers who supported us with 100 swiss francs or even more:

Al Avila
Alex Kühne
Alex N. Eberle
Alexander Halbhuber
Alfred Binggeli
Christian Meyer
Christof Schuster
Dario Alber
Dominik Berneker
Elmer R. Ribeyro
Eric Gauch
Gabriel Kleindienst
Beate Gütt
Marisol Eberle
Markus Pfiffner
Matthias Lochmann
Mischa Mika
Peter Erne
Philipp Hegglin
Rico Barandun
Savida AG
Stefan Muehlethaler
Steven Fluck
Thomas S. Eberle
Tina Märki
Verena Mumford
and many more...

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